Episode 10: Unschooling – A Radical Approach to Education and Entrepreneurship – Akilah Richards

Homeschooling. Unschooling. Deschooling. Radical Self Expressionist, Akilah Richards speaks with Arielle about the 3 alternative ways to learn. She also tells the story of her location independent family and how they thrive and grow together all over the world!

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About Akilah Richards:

Akilah Shares:
1. How her family manages being location independent.
2. What unschooling is.
3. The role radical self expression plays in her life.

What You’ll Hear:
:24 Who is Akilah S. Richards?
1:11 Location Independent Family
2:20 what is radical self expression?
4:29 Radical “Selfie” work and entrepreneurship
7:51 Akilah’s Business transition inspirations.
12:30 Unschooling and the anomalies of success.
16:42 Removing her kids from conventional school and the deschooling process.
22:37 Akilah shares examples of her family’s unschooling lifestyle
26:37 Testing vs. Engaging: Is it possible to leave the educational system behind?
28:04 What about college?
29:56 What’s next for Akilah Richards?

Podcast (audio only). Episode 10: Unschooling – A Radical Approach to Education and Entrepreneurship – Akilah Richards

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Akilah’s Books
Our Transition to Unschooling: Raising independent thinking, information seeking, self-directed lovers of learning and life all through school-free living.
Radical Self-Expression: Her How-to Guide for Self-Love

Perfectly Rational Reasons To Be Okay With Not Being Okay: A Self-Care Guide For Embracing Your Feelings Even When They Are Negative
The Power of Spiritual Self-Care: A collection of activities and ideas for non-religious, highly spiritual, God-centered people

Bio Mojo: Crafting Professional Bios That Sell!

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The Unschooling Entrepreneur’s Guide to Life and Learning
How Creative Entrepreneurs Turn Old Ideas Into New Income
Finding Time for Self Care through Simple Rituals
Radical Self-Expression: Deepening Your Knowledge of Self

Extra Resources:
Takeyah Young – http://www.coreconnectionlifestyle.com/
Women Who Ain’t Afraid to Curse When Communicating with God – Trellani Michelle
An Underground History of American Education – John Taylor Gatto
Stop Stealing Dreams – Seth Godin

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