Episode 14: Reverse Goal Setting – Desire Map Your Business – Janette Casolary

Janette Casolary is an entrepreneur, desire map facilitator, and woman living in alignment with her purpose while not working the 40 hour work week model. Janette and Arielle discuss the importance of retreats, being free, and following your desires.

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About Janette Casolary:

Janette Casolary is an artist, life coach, and business owner who splits her time between Seattle, Kauai and whatever sunny destinations tickle her fancy. Above all else, she’s an activist for inspired living. Freedom, creativity, intuition, spirituality and self love are the driving forces in her life. Guided by the principle of “Say Yes”, Janette does it all. From birth work, to life casting to photo booths, if it lights her up, she’ll give it a shot. She is a licensed Desire Map Facilitator and leads women’s retreats around the world for the dreamers and magic makers.

In This Episode Janette Shares:

  1. What is desire mapping?
  2. Being free by calming down.
  3. How Janette stays in tune with her spiritual needs and desires.


What you’ll hear:

:27 Meet Janette Casolary.
1:35 What is desire mapping?
3:54 How does desire mapping work within entrepreneurship?
5:26 What does your soul want?
7:30 Retreats vs. Online courses vs. Workshops.
10:47 Janette’s spiritual connection to certain locations.
13:44 Magical Kaui.
17:14 How Janette created a life of freedom.
20:00 Calming down and overcoming financial challenges.                                                                                                         23:00 Magnifying the dream.

Podcast. (Audio Only):  Episode 14 Reverse Goal Setting – Desire Map Your Business – Janette Casolary

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