Episode 18: How to Be More Feminine in Business – Ev’Yan Whitney

Arielle speaks with writer sexuality coach, sex doula, Ev’Yan Whitney about holding space for women, grounding self, and femininity in business.

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About Ev’Yan Whitney:

Ev’Yan Whitney is a writer who, with honeyed prose, chronicles her journey into erotic awakening and exploration. In addition to writing about her sex life, she’s also a “sexuality doula”—a person who helps facilitate, educate, and hold space for other women who want to step out of sexual shame and into their erotic power. You can find more about her and how you can work work with her at sexloveliberation.com.

In this episode, Ev’Yan shares:

  1. Her gentle way into entrepreneurship
  2. How she makes her body a priority without sacrificing her business.
  3. Redefining the feminine and what that means for different women.


What you’ll hear:

:25 meet Ev’Yan Whitney
1:20 From fashion to sex, love, and liberation
4:28 Gently becoming a company
7:14 Making it “a thing”
10:15 On coaching.
12:32 On working with women.
12:49 Reframing the feminine.
19:55 Favorite grounding for self practices.
22:49 Keeping it real spiritually.
25:11 Allow your body to be the animal that it is.
26:37 Why does Ev’Yan take one week off per month?
32:51 How you can be gentle with yourself too.
34:17 Ev’Yan’s money challenge story.
40:02 Working for money or working for passion.
42:12 What’s next?

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Podcast (audio only). Episode 18: How to Be More Feminine in Business – Ev’Yan Whitney

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