Episode 20: How to Start A New Business – Lauren Marie Fleming

Motivational speaker and body positive author, Lauren Marie Fleming talks to Arielle about banishing shame, letting go, and starting over again.

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About Lauren Marie Fleming:

Lauren Marie Fleming takes the guilty out of pleasure. An audacious storyteller, she wrote the book Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body and leads the #BawdyLove revolution, a movement to banish shame and fill our lives with decadence, delight, and joy.
From crowds of thousands to groups of six, Lauren facilitates life-changing conversations with her motivational speaking, intensive workshops, and intimate retreats. Through her work, Lauren has helped people all over the globe silence their inner critics, connect with their deeper Truths, and feel comfortable and confident in their bodies.
For six years, Lauren ran the acclaimed sex blog Queerie Bradshaw, but now you can find her writing, programs, and products at LaurenMarieFleming.com.

In this episode, Lauren shares:

  1. How her loss affected her business model.
  2. How she let go and started over.
  3. What is Bawdy Love?


What you’ll hear:
:25 Meet Lauren Marie Fleming
1:30 Leaving Queerie Bradshaw behind.
5:33 Letting go of your SEO.
6:53 Bawdy Love: Taking the guilty out of pleasure.
7:35 A business with feelings.
8:49 Creating and sharing positive media.
9:50 Who are Bawdy Lovers?
15:12 Working with clients.
19:03 Lauren’s entrepreneurial challenge
25:17 invest in the right entrepreneur
25:55 Is it ready?
27:30 Staying grounded.
32:23 Believing in something pro you
33:17: Travelling as an entrepreneur
37:56 Bawdy Life
39:32 What’s next?

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Podcast (audio only). Episode 20: How to Start A New Business – Lauren Marie Fleming.

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