Episode 21: How to Get A TV Show – Charlotte Burley

Award winning copywriter, Charlotte Burley talks with Arielle about starting the T.O.S Network from the bottom up. Listen closely for tips about content creation, funding, and creating a television proposal.

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About Charlotte Burely:

A CLIO & AICP award-winning copywriter, producer, television host, creative director, published author and entrepreneur. She has worked with NBC, Syfy, Viacom, Lifetime, Spike TV, Comedy Central, HGTV and InDemand. Her work has earned an induction into the MOMA (Museum Of Modern Arts) and features in numerous media outlets, including The New York Times, The New Yorker, The New York Post, and Essence. Charlotte has appeared as a special guest expert on The Tyra Banks Show and went on to produce a late night celebrity talk show with star power interviews from Magic Johnson, Marlee Matlin, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Serena Williams, and Samuel Jackson to Janet Jackson—via The Turn On which held the #1 spot for Viacom’s Centric (Formerly BETJ).

Charlotte is the CEO and principle creative for Libra Baby Burley Productions – A video post-production boutique. Producing promos, sizzle reels, television pilots, PSA’s and providing creative consultant services for artists, small businesses, big brands and television networks.

As a female entrepreneur Charlotte embarked on the second screen industry with her very own network; The T.O.S. Network – Entertaining Singles, the prototype launch was a success and it is only the beginning.

In the episode Charlotte shares:

    1. How she climbed the ladder of success.
    2. Tips for creating television proposals.
    3. The driving force behind The T.O.S Network.

What you’ll hear:

:25 Meet Charlotte Burley.
1:08 From copywriter to entrepreneur.
4:56 Starting a television network.
8:02 Being prepared for investors.
9:21 Learning the ropes: hiring advice, mentors, and more.
11:51 How to create a winning pilot proposal.
14:05 What does a network want?
15:43 Taking it to the next level.
17:50 The TOS Network
20:40 TOS network favorites
23:50 Trying new things.
Additional Resources:
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Podcast (audio only). Episode 21: Episode 21: How to Get A TV Show – Charlotte Burley

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