Episode 22: How to Make Money and Travel – Sheila Brown

Consultant and Arielle’s business partner, Sheila Brown joins in on the conversation in this episode about maximizing your potential as an entrepreneur. Find out about finances, what geo-arbitrage is, tips on outsourcing your work, and more!

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About Sheila Brown:

Sheila Brown is a powerhouse World Traveler, Business Consultant and Internet marketing coach, that helps aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs build more income streams to enjoy lives of Freedom. Prior to dedicating herself full­-time to coaching and teaching her students, Sheila Brown worked as a top executive for Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi Cola, Gateway Computers, The Walt Disney Company, and Activision and as Consultant for movie studios & entertainment companies for 18 years. In 2009, she decided to leave corporate America and her Beverly Hills lifestyle behind and pursue her passion for International travel fulltime. In making that decision, Sheila found herself in a 22 month long financial tail spin that at her lowest point, she found herself in the welfare line in South Central Los Angeles. Through her positive thinking and consistent implementation of her business goals, she was able to build a new life of complete financial freedom and has since gone on to travel to over 34 countries , 130+ cities and has relocated to both Thailand and the beautiful Dominican Republic. As the co­-founder of Portable Incomes, a 20+ hour online course that teaches how to create portable income streams to have a portable life, she’s taught product creation strategies, business branding, outsourcing, and traffic generation to students all over the world that have enabled them to build lives of freedom for themselves.

In this episode Sheila Shares:

  1. How to “productize” your knowledge.
  2. Most affordable countries to live and work abroad.
  3. How she budgets get freelance income.

What you’ll hear:

:25 Meet Sheila Brown
1:10 The many careers of Sheila Brown.
3:08 Living and working outside of the United States.
4:59 Doing the math: choosing places to move abroad.
9:20 How to generate 1K a month with a portable business.
11:34 Aribtrage/Outsourcing
13:54 Creating Passive income
17:42 Intellectual property as assets.
20:46 Start up costs in your freelance business
24:22 Testing the waters.
25:59 The not so sexy side of entrepreneurship.
30:07 Managing your money as a freelancer
33:48 Automate your savings!
36:19 On paying off your credit card debt.
38:30 Partners & Friends.

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Podcast (audio only). Episode 22: How to Make Money and Travel – Sheila Brown.

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